Redefine Winning Season

Hello Exceeders 💜 Hello to any newcomers and welcome back to any faithful readers. I want to start by first thanking God for never leaving me even when I leave Him. I have been in a weird place these last few months but no matter what I was going through, God always found a wayContinue reading “Redefine Winning Season”

Standing on God’s Promise: A Testimony

Hello Exceeders! 💜 Extremely long testimony ahead but God deserves all of His praise and glory!  I have been on such an emotional rollercoaster and I had to be in tune with God to make it off. I have been working on this post for coming up on 3 weeks. I had to go toContinue reading “Standing on God’s Promise: A Testimony”

Are you the go-to person?

Hello Exceeders! Today I want to talk about a conversation I had the other day with my sister. We were talking about the go to person, who do they go to? We haven’t touched on my testimony yet, but I have spent more than half of my life in a dark place. Depression has beenContinue reading “Are you the go-to person?”