A moment I had with God today!

God has truly been dealing with me lately. About trust and worry and all of these lingering things still trying to hold on. The recent thing I’ve been trying to cypher through is stepping out on faith and waiting on God to speak. It’s been this whole thing and today I just asked God how I needed to look at this. The one person that came to mind was Abram(Before he was Abraham)!

I’m sitting here and I’m like God for some reason, my brain isn’t processing this. Do I step out on faith or do I wait to hear You say “GO”? Abram got both, He walked with faith to a place he didn’t know but he heard God tell him to do that. I’m like Lord, help me out lol

Recently God told me, “I’m big enough to correct you!”. I was so intrigued by that because I spent a lot of life striving for perfection before Christ. Like really trying not to make a mistake and really beating myself up if I actually did make a mistake. God has been having me renew my mind in that area but as we have been learning in our ministry, the soul remembers it ALL. So that statement that may seem like common sense to some people, really comforts me when I get into a certain place.

So back to today, I’m praying and I think about Abram and I hear the Holy Spirit say “Genesis 16”. So in my mind I think I’m going to study when God told Abram the command to go. Nope, turn to it and it’s about Hagar conceiving Ishmael and I’m like, “God…..huh?” He says “Keep reading and slow down”.

I get to verse 10 and it says, “And the angel of the LORD said unto her, I will multiply thy seed exceedingly, that it shall not be numbered for multitude.”. The revelation HIT ME. Romans 8:28. What God has been trying to get me to understand all this time. God’s so gracious that no matter what, He’s going to turn it for your good.

The plan was for Sarai to have Issac, that was the promise. Sarai decided to take matters into her own hands. The covenant was with Issac but Ishmael was also blessed(v19-21). Ishmael may not have been in the original plan but the promise was still extended to him. All things work together towards God’s perfect Will.

I was sitting there smiling ear to ear when I CAUGHT that. “I’m big enough to correct you” made a little more sense to me today. God told Abram that He would have more children than the stars in the sky. He heard that and still ended up off script BUT God blessed his detour and still His Will was done. Don’t let fear make you stagnant because it might not be some grand gesture. It might not come in the confirmation that you expected but just know, even if you go off script, God is BIG enough to correct you.

All things work together ❤️

Published by Larricka Moultrie

Kingdom believer striving to be all that God says that I am!

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