Hello Exceeders,

I haven’t wrote in a while but God gave me something that I have to share.

I was talking to my sister and she was expressing how tired she was and how she didn’t know what to do. God is so good, He used me to help us both.

The Holy Spirit had me tell her that it’s time to LET IT GO! God allowed it in that season because He knew you could handle it but He never intended for you to keep it. It’s time to give it back to Him. He never wanted it to torment you. Search yourself, find the ROOT, and let it go!

When I went back and actually read what I sent her, I was bent over in a full worship. God recently warned me in a dream that my past was coming back around. At first I thought it was an attack but He revealed to me that it’s coming back around so I can address it WITH HIM this time. All the pain and anguish I went through before has just been sitting with me. I didn’t have a relationship with God so I didn’t know how it worked.

Learn the lesson then let it go. Let it process you then let it go. Get knocked down, get back up, then let it go! There are some things that have a stronghold over me and I haven’t been able to figure out why I couldn’t shake them. My pastor preached a message recently about going to God for the instructions. Sometimes, even your divine connections can’t help you. God is the only one with all the answers. I’ve been asking Him and every day He’s giving me a different revelation and a different answer.

If you grew up in church or had a grandmother in church lol You were probably told that you can’t question God. I think the content was there but the context is missing. God desires us to lean on Him, to need Him, to SEEK Him. That includes seek Him for answers, you can’t get answers without asking questions.

Get in the habit of asking God questions. Ask for revelation, ask Him to reveal, ask Him for instructions. Talk to Him. My next blog will be about questions that I thought I couldn’t ask God until the Holy Spirit loved me enough to correct me ❤️

Published by Larricka Moultrie

Kingdom believer striving to be all that God says that I am!

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