How do you study?

Hello exceedersđź’ś

This is going to be a crowd participation post as we come to the end of this Year of Learning. Learning ourselves. Learning God. Learning ourselves in God. This year has taught me so many new things. Some are good qualities about myself. Some of them are bad things that I need to challenge with the Word of God. It has just been a year of shift. One of the things that I didn’t bring in the year doing was reading my bible and truly studying God’s Word. Honestly, I didn’t even know what “study the Word of God” meant. I wasn’t really someone who put time aside to read the Word. I knew its importance but the flesh told me that I didn’t have time to sit down and read. I used to be someone that would read all the time, not the Bible, but in general . I thought that when I actually got the revelation that this Bible is my instruction manual, its where all my answers come from, that I was going to pick it up and read it like a book……..that got old really quick! It got to a point that I was so excited about the stuff that I was reading that I would lose track of time but I couldn’t tell you what I read, why I read it, or what it meant to me personally, I didn’t ask God to reveal anything. I was just reading and reading and reading and then there came a time where I couldn’t read 4 and 5 chapters at a time. Then I got to a point where I could only read a few lines and would fall right asleep. That was a gateway for the enemy because he made sure to remind me that I wasn’t learning anything, that I went to sleep, and that I wasn’t reading as much so after a while I just stopped all together.

Clearly this is problematic but I lived in the world long enough to remember days when I didn’t even own a bible so I was slipping into autopilot and began to “function” without reading……or so I thought. I heard testimony after testimony, sermon after sermon about how reading the Word daily is mandatory. The one that hit me the hardest is when a minister at my church said “Your next move of God will be found in the Word of God”. That completely changed my life because I was seeking God for who I am, what my gifts are, and what my next move was….I had all these questions for God and she just plainly said….its in the Word of God. So I had a dilemma… was I supposed to find it? I know just reading it wasn’t going to work so the next step I knew was to study it.

It was like trying to get water from a rock. I didn’t know where to start, how to start, what to write down until one day I just stopped and sat still and let it come to me. No two people have the same walk with Christ. No two people pray the same or communicate with God the same so there was no right or wrong way, just communicate with God. Be in the space to hear Him. Don’t take chaos in your time with God.

I began to bring down the amount I was reading and began to focus in on what exactly I was reading. As I read, when something sticks out to me and I get the revelation on what it means, I write it down in a notebook. I pray before I read and after I get done. I leave time to meditate on what revelation I just got and let God work on me. I pray, I cry, I confess, I repent…I let God bring the Word to my right now state and that’s how I study the Word.

I know I’m not the only that struggled with where to start so I would like everybody that reads this to comment some of the ways you study the Word of God. You may inspire and encourage someone to open their communication with God!

Thank you đź’ś

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