Are you in a place for your heart to be opened?

Hello Exceeders! I kept ya’ll waiting so long I decided to release two!

As I was reading my Word the other night, something caught my attention and it drew me in. I am currently reading Acts and I have the study bible so at the bottom it tries to go into a more layman’s terms explanation into what you’re reading. So I read to a certain point and then I go back and read the study notes. The study notes have some gems in there, so I highlight down there too lol There was a lady mentioned by the name of Lydia in Acts 16:14 and she was already worshipping God when Paul, Luke, and Silas came around her and began to preach the Word of God and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The study part that went with that was “She worshipped God to the extent that she knew Him, but her understanding increased as Paul speaks and God opened her heart”.

WOWWWWWW!  It made me think about all my brushes with God in my life. The places where I didn’t really learn much and my heart didn’t really receive God like I felt like I should. Then the enemy KEPT coming so then I began to harden and I began to be clammed up about God. I still knew that Jesus Christ was the Son of God and He died for my sins and rose again but that was it. I worshipped God to the extent I knew Him. I knew He sent His only begotten son, I had to memorize John 3:16 but that wasn’t the end of the steps. I loved Him for it but I didn’t understand it. My breakthrough moment was when I got to my church home now and God opened my heart to His truth. I learned about truth, gifts, callings, accountability, about the every day renewing of my mind. I got around the right people and God allowed my heart to be open to receive what He needed me to hear to move forward. When I got to Living Word, I wasn’t new to Christ, I was just in a standstill. There were a lot of different influences that could have swayed me down the wrong walk with God, or not with God at all, but it was like I was suspended in time until I heard exactly what I needed to hear from who I needed to hear it from.

Lydia was minding her business, not knowing that her entire world was about to be elevated to another level in her walk. She wasn’t even aware that she was missing something. Have you ever sat back and thought about the things you thought you were doing full out until you were exposed to greater? To more understanding? I’m so intrigued by her because I have  been her for many years. Not knowing there is more. I experienced the surreal moment of God opening my heart and this whole new world flowing in unexpectedly. She wasn’t by that river to meet them. She was just at the right place at the right time because God is intentional. They were just going to the river because they thought it would be a good place to pray and she was among the woman there. Her and her households’ lives were forever changed that day.

Are you in a space where God is able to truly open your heart for you to receive Him? I mean a physical place where your spirit is being fed? I know everybody isn’t assigned to one place but if you are reading this  and you have nowhere like that, no matter where you are in this world, I want to share my place with you!

Early Morning Prayer Monday-Friday at 5 AM CST “On The Line” (339)209-4957

Sunday Church Service is at 10:30 AM CST “On The Line” (339)209-4957

Corporate Bible Study is Every Wednesday at 7 PM CST  “On The Line” (339)209-4957

We also have many different bible study groups that are split up on many different platforms from small children, to young adults, unmarried and married groups and you’re all welcome to join! You can drop a comment with your email for specific group information!

 All these recourses are for such a time as this. 2020 has been quite a year but God is still in the blessing business! Don’t miss what He has specifically for YOU!

Until Next Time 💜

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Kingdom believer striving to be all that God says that I am!

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